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How to use the Internationalization plugin?

Hello there! I want to use the Internationalization plugin, but I don't really understand some things. I set up the sitemap as seen in the screencast, I associate some languages to the appropriate nodes through the dashboard, but I now face several issues…

Include 404 Page As Part of Theme

How do I include a custom 404 error page as part of a theme? This means that the 404 page would be editable. How do I include such a thing in a theme?

Dashboard Menu Help

Hello, I am trying to update the add ons that I made to the new 5.5 style. My add ons had tabs at the top which are other single pages, how do I get those into the new menu as right now my tabs are gone. Thanks!

Featured Pages - Sitemap order not working correctly

I have a primary & secondary nav on a website I'm currently building out and am using the is_featured attribute & a pagelist in a stack to create the secondary menu. The menu is set to display in sitemap order but it's placing Home after About (see ima…

Issues with Google Maps block

I'm trying to get a simple Google Map in the footer of a site I'm developing. I've successfully resized it as necessary, but there are a few little details that make the block almost useless. For starters, it seems to ignore any margin or padding settings…

Sanitize user input to prevent SQL Injection

I am using form helper class to make a form for block admin interface. But I am not sure whether user input in the textarea or text field will be sanitized automatically by form helper to prevent SQL Injection. Thank you very much.

Email from "Form" Block Type is not sending confirmation email

I have a form that is supposed to email me when a person submits their form. I have the correct data put in for the email but it does not send. I have tried the default php email function and the external server using my external smtp server information…

Extending Filemanager / Properties popup

Hi all, I have an request from a client to get download statistics for specific files based on a period of time. So I thought I'll add a further tab to the Properties popup of the file manager. THAT part was easy. But when I try to submit my a form …

Pagination in blog

Hi guys, I'm starting to dig deeper in C5 world, and have been playing with the latest version for the last month(C5.5). I do my learning locally on WAMP, but also have XAMMP installed. I see that C5 now comes with simple blog by default, but it is…

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