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[edit] Found my answer here : Should have looked over before posting!

Slow Loading Help Please

I have this crazy page type with a big hard coded mess that I need to speed up. It creates several pagelists with a random image for each pagelist group but it takes forever to load. If anyone can give me some help to speed it up it would be much apprec…

A photogallery from another website in the new one?

Hello, I would like to let our gallery on another website open in de website i just made with concrete5. So it kinda looks like the gallery is part of de new website with de navigation buttons en stuff. Is this possible and how do i do that?

Date Nav missing Javascript when inserted with code

If I add a Date Nav content block in an Area and configure it, everything work out ok. However, I want to insert the block programmatically, so in the template I have: [code] $dateNav = BlockType::getByHandle('date_nav'); $dateNav->controller->selec…

Custom Composer Templates

I noticed on the page defaults for a composer page there is a section for "Custom Composer Template" - how does this work, and how does one go about making one?

Deleting Page Versions

Posted a similar post a few days ago, but unfortunately received no input. In reading previous posts, it is my understanding that old page versions will slow down page loading. If this is not true, sure would like to be corrected on the matter. …

Strategies for pages with LOTS of properties

I have a project where I'll need LOTS (around 40 or so) of properties to display on a page type (not a single page). I'd like to use core functionality if possible... maybe the Composer tool, but I wonder if there is a better way. Building a custom Dashbo…

404- not found Only home page visible

I built a site with a home page and four other pages. It was working until I changed the base URL in the site.php file. Now the only page I get is the home page. When I chose other menu options I get a 404-not found. I did switch on Pretty URLs but …

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