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Relating pages to one or more users

A while back I tried to do this, but set it aside. I thought I'd take another stab at it. I have a site with about a dozen users. The site also has content that I would like to somehow relate to various users. For instance, if I add a page that discus…

Custom page type not loading header or footer

*Update - deleting the page and re-creating from scratch ( i.e. re-placing the existing blocks ) seems to fix this issue. --- Working on a custom page type which was working in (site/page_types/custom_page_type.php), I then copied it to my themes di…

Double scroll bars on page after editing a block ( c5.5 )

I don't think this is a bug, but I felt like putting something here in case anyone else comes across this issue ... When editing a page in Concrete 5.5 double scroll bars appear on the page when the html element has it's overflow-y set to scroll ( se…

Page within modal panel

Is there a way to pull in a page into a modal panel from a different page?

echo image

Could someone please help me with the following. I have a certain piece of code in a view.php of a block that say's [code]$picture = $this->controller->getPicture(); echo "{$title}"; if ($picture) { echo $html->image($picture->getURL()); } [/co…

Confusion: p-tags in blocks become div style=margin:0

Something very odd happens here in my code :-D I have a custom block type where I can add content via the TinyMCE editor. When I look at blocks I've created with this block type directly they all display fine. But when I grab one of the blocks somew…

C5 on Rackspace Cloudsites?

Anyone else using Cloudsites from Rackspace to host their C5 sites? I'm noticing that my sites are considerably slower compared to the server I was previously on. Anyone else had similar experiences?

Override db.xml in Packages

Hi, There is a way to override db.xml in packages ? Why ? Because if i made some customizations for a packages (ex. add fields in database), when I will update packages in future with new version, my modifications will be overriden... Thanks

HTML Problems

Hello, Everytime I try to copy and paste html to the html block on my concrete5 site, it tells me "Error". My only option then, is to close it. It then goes back to the way it was before I attempted to add html. Please help. Thanks.

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