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Why cannot delete page type

I have no pages using the page types I want to delete, nothing, in the trash, cache emptied about 50 times and still cannot delete page types ! What is going on ? How do we delete ALL page versions as c5 asks to do knowing that the dashboard always leves …

Which file holds the content we add to blocks?

Perhaps I've overlooked something (always a possibility!), but I'm trying to find the file that contains the content I've added to a block. Or, is the content located in a record within the C5 database? If the latter, how does one query the db to pull u…

Mobile theme and content

HI, How do we do to pull the content from existing website to the mobile theme ? Many thanks

Overriding content.css

HOw can tinymce's default font styles be overridden? Currently they are loaded thru concrete/js/tiny_mce/themes/concrete/skins/default/content.css

Unable to uninstall a block

I have just done an upgrade to an old site of mine from to via ready for a jump to 5.6.1 and did a whole load of block upgrades too. I have a copy of the site on a test server that I am working on till all the work is done and I ca…

Wordpress in Concrete5 folder?

Hi everyone I have a Concrete5 site located here Now I want to add a blog to the site - and have it located at However I want to use WordPress (danish version) as my blog tool. Is there anyway I can upload Wordp…

(Custom?) Page list sorting

Hi, I have an "All products"-type page list displaying all products beneath it. The structure is: All products > Category > Product I want to sort the products in their sitemap order so that the first product in the first category is the firs…

Transferring from local server to hosting service

I am new to Concrete5 and have been working on a website on my local machine using WAMP on Windows. How do I upload this to my web hosting service? I tried manually creating the databases, importing the data into them, and then manually uploading all …

Upload Error:302

On a brand new 5.6.1 install, I'm getting an 'Upload Error: 302' when I try to multi-upload images. No problem uploading one at a time. Permission on the files folder is 777. Anyone else seen this?

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