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how do I pass a variable to gallery to change fileset?

Am using the gallery addon and have set up a page which passes a global variable to the page housing the gallery, I want to set the select statement in the gallery to the value of the variable. Can anyone help? Thanks

Autonav question

Hi, When choosing the option to show a nav from "beneath a particular page" , when we translate the site how do we make sure that the autonav changes language to show the righ navigation ? For instance on some pages I include a menu that is under the pare…

Custom block Access Denied

Hi I'm creating a package, that includes a custom block, in my view.php I want a list of links to be displayed (which I've done) but I want them to link to a popup window that has an ID number in the URL, this ID will then get the further content out.…

Problems editing a new page.

Hi, As a C5 newbie I am having difficulty editing a new page for this site: The page will contain an iFrame for a Wordpress database. I've set the new page ( to not show in the main menu so t…

Make profile pages nonpublic

Hi Guys, if you provide informations/downloads for registered users (customers e.g.), it's an easy way to redirect them to their profile page after login and ad the stuff they need. BUT profile pages are public and there is no option to make them "per…

Dashboard Adopting Theme Styling.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to stop the dashboard picking up styles from a theme? Dashboard is using H1 & H2 & body from my theme which makes the dashboard look weird.

Add paypal to registration

Hi all, I'm a recent convert to C5 and for the first time I'm stumped and unable to answer my question through the forums. I'm building a photography competition site where entrants to the competition will need to register and pay using paypal in o…

Performance testing and heavy traffic handling

I am looking at how well C5 does in performance testing and heavy traffic situations. Just wanted to discuss about few things. 1. I just did this performance test on C5 site itself: On top of the page, t…

Harcode stack taking language into account

Is it possible to hardcode a stack depending on a selected language, so that if language is English show stack A, if language Spanish show Stack B etc ...? Many thanks

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