Building with concrete5

Dashboard overlapping edit in Edit bar

Hi there! I am new to Concrete5 and am trying to build my first theme from an HTML site I have coded. I have followed instructions to create a Concrete5 theme from my site, but there is a problem: the Dashboard area of the edit bar, which appeared on the …

Please Help with Form Post

I have a few forms on the siter we're about to launch and am still unsure how I process and email the posted form data. It looks like it all gets posted back to index.php and then index routes back to the form page to say 'thanks'. However, so far I've…

Random Space above Form block

Hello, So this is a strange one. I get a random above every form I insert. I have searched the form blcok and cannot pick out where it has come from. Do other people get this too. Ideas? See attached image

Theme single pages

Howdy, I have a single page that I'm looking to override via my theme directory. Doing so works fine for pages at the root of my site, but what should my directory stucture/file name look like if I want to do say "…

uploading image from my computer

I'm having a problem uploading an image from my computer. All I get is a frame with a red "x" in the upper left hand corner. Again, this image is from my computer, and is a jpeg file.

Integrate search with application MySql db

Not sure if this specific question has been asked. I implented a separate database for my site. My question is what is the best/correct way to integrate the search with this second db so that search results return both web site hits as well as db hits? …

mysql InnoDB and Transaction

Hi there I have a table, witch get an update every 30 minutes. This update will take something between 0.5 seconds and 2 seconds. depends on server load. Update in this case means, truncate the table and re fill it. So, as you can see, in a worst c…

Nav selected problems

Hello. I am making a menu in concrete 5 and i stumbled upon a problem. When i press the submenu buttons, i loose the activated "link" color on my top menu - how can i fix this so that my top and submenu both have the activated color!?

multi site security issue

I came across a significant vulnerability in how concrete5 handles session management. If I am an admin on one site I can leverage my session key to access the other site's dashboard. It looks like the session controls only look at your privileges not nec…

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