Building with concrete5

Bug tracker addon

Hi all I was wondering whether the bug tracker on this site is available as an addon. Could be very useful in some projects I'm working on. Either that or does anyone know of any easily-integrated bug trackers that could be added to c5? mel

SOLR Integration

Hi - Does anyone know of any SOLR blocks out there? Im just about to write one and thought it was worth checking to see if anyone had already done this/was in the process of doing so! I was thinking of using Solarium to create a configurable search block.…

login and redirect to a custome page

hi saw the addon "login-redirect" at the marketplace..its kinda expensive, isn't there a cheaper solution? like a block or something? The thing i need is when people login in to my website, they will have the own costume page. Hope someone can hel…

Use PHP to supply Javascript file name

I am trying to set up auto versioning for Javascript files. I need to put the following in the header: |script type="text/javascript" src="|?php echo(autoVersion(array(path=>'/js/', file=>'thescript.js'))) ?>">|/script> and put the autoVersion function…

Validation for required date input

Hi All, I am having some issues validation that a date picker value is required. Please see the code below for an example: Form item: [code] [/code] Controller Code: […

Multiple users

Does this app permit multiple users who can only make changes to a specific page or an area in a page? I am contemplating using this software to list a bunch of cross country ski areas and offer the operators a chance to update their conditions. Would th…

text outside of div - stuck

ok i have a template that has 5 sections. everything is lining up ok, but if i enter any content it displays outside of the div. any ideas as to why this is happening?

All Survey Results on one page

What's up? Is there a way to put all survey results on one page with all of the results tallied and added accordingly so all submissions from the Extended Form's survey can be seen at will? All the best and thanks in advance, Tim

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