Building with concrete5

URGENT help needed

Hello there, Firstly, i am building a eCommerce system... I have decided to go with the idea of having 1 page todo the whole system, so i want all edit products etc to have in lightboxes etc, and having jQuery update the page and so forth. But im havin…

Custom 404 page loading view.php

I followed the instructions here to a T: But for whatever reason, my view.php template is loaded instead of my root/single_pages/page_not_found.php file. …

C5 becomes awfully bloated, does anyone agree?

I’m currently trying to do a backup and upgrade to the most recent version and it literally takes hours to download all the files via FTP (calcuating the size of the “files” directory alone took several hours and used a significant amount of my system res…

Please help. This should be simple.

Help, this is driving me crazy. I want an image from my theme folder to show in a block on my page. I do the following: Add Block>HTML> and add the following:

How to add a menu item to the homepage

I am wondering if someone could tell me how to add a menu item to the header menu? It doesn't seem to be easy to find any tool in the DASHBOARD to do it... Thanks!

photos not fitting

this is my first day on this platform, so please bear with me. I am trying to create a photo gallery. I works in edit mode, but when I go live the photos cover the menu. I have attached screen shots.

Need a custom database

Not sure where to post this or if this is a good question for here, but basically I guess I'm looking for a custom add-on for my website. I want to have it so the website visitor can search for upcoming seminars based on topic, dates, or location, or m…

Area Handle Question

I have a company that is, constantly, creating digital products (based on weather) that I want to make available to eCommerce. I've got a script that, automatically: 1) creates a product in eCommerce 2) imports pictures 3) associates all, previously up…

on_page_update should include updated attributes

It seems like this has been a flaw for quite awhile, but when you save page properties, the on_page_update event fires, and _then_ the page attributes are saved. So if you hook into that event, then want to check any attribute values, they are the old va…

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