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File Manager not working

I have not worked on my site since april. When I try to access my downloaded files and photos, it looks like it says that my files are unsupported. Did I miss something?

By which rule are file folder created on the server?

Hi, if you upload a file via C5 it gets put into a directory within the /files dir. The sub directory is numbered, somethin along the lines of "/1014/0618/4671/". I'd like to know by which rule these subdirectories are created because I'd like for anot…

error on /theme-development-training-part-one/

Some content on this page seems out of place. Under Process, after the thumbnail instructions there is a bit that belongs in the header.php section. "Before the closing head tag, include:...the content type, and the character set." Screengrab: http…

Index file

Trying to clean up validation errors in Head section of Index.php. Unable to find it. Where do I find it? May be shearching for some sub pages also. Regards: Dave

Documentation Date/time widget Documentation Incorrect

Several things on this page: 1. include activation and autostart are in reverse order than shown in the c5 code (function datetime($prefix, $value = null, $includeActivation = …

What current documentation projects are underway?

Can anyone point me in the direction of any details on current documentation projects? Are there any organized community activities in this area? If it is not already ongoing I'd suggest an initiative to add comments to all major libraries starting wit…

eCommmerce Add-On Problem

Hi ! I have a problem with the eCommerce plugin when I try to add a new product the "Shopping Cart" windows does not seem to appear but when I login it appears . The option "Requires Login" is turned off . Thank you !

documentation or how-to about StickySearchRequest ?

Hi all, Is there any clear documentation or how-to about how to use StickySearchRequest? I already visited this document. But I'm not getting any clear idea about h…

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