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Index file

Trying to clean up validation errors in Head section of Index.php. Unable to find it. Where do I find it? May be shearching for some sub pages also. Regards: Dave

Documentation Date/time widget Documentation Incorrect

Several things on this page: 1. include activation and autostart are in reverse order than shown in the c5 code (function datetime($prefix, $value = null, $includeActivation = …

What current documentation projects are underway?

Can anyone point me in the direction of any details on current documentation projects? Are there any organized community activities in this area? If it is not already ongoing I'd suggest an initiative to add comments to all major libraries starting wit…

eCommmerce Add-On Problem

Hi ! I have a problem with the eCommerce plugin when I try to add a new product the "Shopping Cart" windows does not seem to appear but when I login it appears . The option "Requires Login" is turned off . Thank you !

documentation or how-to about StickySearchRequest ?

Hi all, Is there any clear documentation or how-to about how to use StickySearchRequest? I already visited this document. But I'm not getting any clear idea about h…

StartingPoints Exportable Object Reference

Although the word object can be a bit ambiguous and have different meanings in the context of StartingPoints object refers to an exportable object that forms the top-level node in the XML/CIF export of a C5 site. In other words “exportable objects” that m…

StartingPoints XML Reference

When you are making a C5 StartingPoint you have 3 main XML sources to help you: the 2 default StartingPoints that C5 ships with and the XML export you can generate using the Sample Content Generator (…

Author Tags

Author Tags: How do you edit them and update them in Concrete 5?

I need help... Parse error.

Hello everyone, I'm really not sure what has happened to my site or how to recover it or how to even begin troubleshooting. Here is what it says when I visit: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_LNUMBER in /home/m1schuld/…
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