Documentation Efforts

How to contribute to the documentation ?

If I spot a mistake in the developer documentation, how can I fix it (or report it) ? For example, in this page : , a link is broken. "A full list of pre-registered a…

Add expires.

Add Expires headers to page. Where to place and code. Using C5 6.3

How to archive News?

Hi guys! Please help I have a News page:, where I do publish the news regarding to my book. The amount of info is coming too long. I'd love to make an archive for the part of the earliest News. The best case scenario would be …

Upgrading Concrete5

Hello, Maybe there is a small bug in "Upgrading Concrete5" documentation : In "Replacing the original concrete Directory", it is written "Visit the URL http:/…

broken link

Not sure if this is the place to post this, but has a broken link. Link to "perform a database backup prior to upgrading a Concrete5 site" is not working.

My how-to has not been approved

A week ago or so, I wrote a how-to about making Elemental themes image slider responsive. Until now it seems that my how-to has not been approved. I wonder if I'll get some feedback if it will not be approved, or if there went something wrong. Than…

Where do I find it ? Need to make some fixes.

Form Error

Hi Guys, I'm currently having problems exporting data from one of the forms on our website. Until now I used to be able to go into the Dashboard, click Forms and export the data, however now when I try to do this the form exports but when opened in Exc…

[Duplicate] Coding Guideline: Need your input

Moved the content to here For some reason, my post has been duplicated. So, I've deleted the content to avoid confusion. Thanks

Coding Guideline: Need your input

Guys, I just made a coding guideline for concrete5, and made it available on GitHub. This is rough version. (It's still work-in-progress). I appreciate if you could send me a pull request to improve. Also I can add translation if anyone is inter…

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