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Gallery Block

help please, when i am using the gallery block, the pictures come up HUGE when they are clicked on out of the thumbnail!! how can i rectify this and limit the size they zoom into? Thanks in advance!

How to Create Redirect Pages Using Page Attributes

If you ever need a page in your site to redirect to a certain URL or subpage you do the following: 1. Add a "Text" page attribute with the handle "redirect_to_url" 2. Add the following code to your themes template(s) in an appropriate place: [code]…

External Form Controller set view variables

I thought I'd share this since I couldn't find it anywhere else on the forums and it took me a while to figure out. I'm using the form helper to build my external form, but I'd like to set some variables in the controller before the page gets viewed. T…

Updating the description of Images in a "File Set"

I have uploaded images and linked them to a "file set". I then created a scrapbook block Image gallery using "galleria image gallery" I would like to update the description of these images, but I don't see where to do this. If I were creating the blo…

Are Search Engines able to Crawl Embedded Conent in an IFRAME

I have developed some spreadsheets with google docs, and I would prefer to just embed the docs via an IFRAME, but I am concerned that search engines will not see the embedded content, or if it does see the embedded content it will not associate the embedd…

Export a Spreadsheet to HTML and pasting to an HTML Block

I have been trying to export a Google Docs Spreadsheet (just one tab/sheet) to an HTML page (using FireFox), and then doing a file->save page as->web page, html only After I have it saved I open the file with notepad or notepad++ and copy the entire ht…

How to make a view.php

heres how to easily make a view.php that will load all your content easily. copy all your default.php to your view.php. then overwrite all the page content- as in main and sidebar, not site name- with [code]   [/code]

IIS6 / Windows Install Documentation

Does the community have detailed docs for setting up C5 on Windows? I posted to a user's question today and it made me think about posting what I did to get my handful of C5 sites running. If there's a lack of Win docs, I'd like to take a crack at it.

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