Installation Help

Upgrade From Older Versions

Hello, We have two different versions of Concrete 5 that we want to upgrade from to the latest version. Are there step-by-step instructions that I could find somewhere? ANy help will be appreciated. Thanks, Akbar

Update website

Hi! We are running an older verison of Concrete5 and would like to update. BUT we've had bad experience before when simply pressing "update" and everything became messed up and chaotic. Is it as simple as that today (pressing a button) or will we risk …

subdirectory will become website

I'm using a hosting service for several different client websites. Currently I'm helping a client migrate their site to my server space. However, the client would like to make changes to their site rather than have me make the changes. Enter Concrete5. …

ZipArchive::extractTo(): Disk quota exceeded

deleted project and deleted concrete off my server, re-installed concrete, but it wont let me upgrade from 5.7.2, get the following error: ZipArchive::extractTo(): Disk quota exceeded

Getting error while doing setup with concrete

This error occurred after successful creation of tables during the workflow of setup. Can someone help on how to resolve this error. Log is as below. Authentication type with handle concrete already exists!. Trace: #0 /var/lib/openshift/5609e…

Long Story Short Parallax Installation Not Happening

I have attempted three times to get installation support. The instructions are not valid and I've been sent the video which does not contain the content necessary to resolve the installation problem. Please refund my purchase.

hang during Installation

Installation is not progressing. Anyone can advise what is wrong? The bar was blue during "creating database" and it turn red and stop there. Please refer to attach screenshot

Installing help

Hi, I am having difficulty in connecting to my database server. Can someone help me? Normally I put in this; but that has failed.

An image could not be created from the given input.

Failed to install and i dont know why Trace: #0 /homepages/6/d591544732/htdocs/Forums1/concrete/vendor/imagine/imagine/lib/Imagine/Gd/Imagine.php(107): Imagine\Gd\Imagine->doLoad('\xFF\xD8\xFF\xE1\x02\x86Exif\x00\x00II*...', Object(Imagine\Image\Metad…

Unable to upgrade from Concrete5.4.0 or view sitemap

I've inherited a site currently running on Concrete5.4.0. When I attempt to view the site map, I receive a "Page Not Found" error. I understand that a newer version exists, but when I click on the link to download, I receive the following error: The fo…

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