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keep getting this error

Declaration of Concrete\Authentication\Community\Controller::getExtractor() should be compatible with Concrete\Core\Authentication\Type\OAuth\GenericOauthTypeController::getExtractor($new = false). have trued wit 3 dig ver.

Can't download

I've tried a bunch of times now, and i keep getting a cloudflare the link it's trying to load is text on the page says: Error 1003 Ray ID: 2b9a23eae0b120d2 • 2016-06-27 16…

No longer receiving notification & password restore mails.

Hiya c5 community, Apperantly the server my site was hosted on was faulty so my host moved my site to a new server. However ever since they did that, we can no longer receive mail from things like forms or even "Retrieve Password" I did some googlin…

Cookies Enabled Problem Version

Hello, I am having installation problem using Version, I had set the cookies setting to enable and had been tested with 3 different browser. There still having the problem. Can anyone help me to solve this issue?

update problem

I just update and concrete5 is the message that I have when I go to my website : An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT path FROM FileImageThumbnailPaths p WHERE (p.fileID = ?) AND (p.fileVersionID = ?) AND (p.storageLocationID = ?) AND (p.thumb…

Installation keeps failing

Sorry that this question is going to be a bit vague. I have been trying to install concrete5.7.5.8 for the past 2-3 hours. I constantly kept getting some or the other error. It was either the folder wasn't accessible or some database error. Finally…

Re-installing concrete5

I am a novice to concrete5, is it possible to reinstall concrete5 by just dropping the database tables and not deleting the whole upload from the server and uploading it again?

New 5.7 Install default theme contents doubled

Having tried a test install of 5.7 in which everything eventually installed OK. I removed the test install and I have now done a new install in my domain root to eventually go live. But various things in the default Elemental theme are doubled, two naviga…

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