5.6 Upgrade Error in /concrete/core/models/permission/cache.php

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I've attempted updating several ways. First via dashboard in 5.5, then manually, and last by uploading the 5.6 concrete folder replacing the 5.5 /concrete

Everything works fine but when accessing the site it'll show some of the theme styles but display an error and no content (and no concrete toolbar)
The error is:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method Area::getPermissionObjectIdentifier() in /home/gcm/public_html/concrete/core/models/permission/cache.php on line 8

I can access the new 5.6 dash fine and if I place the site under maintenance mode that page displays appropriately.

In the meantime I just went back to using 5.5 until I can move forward with 5.6.

Any ideas?

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CWSpear replied on at Permalink Reply
I know this is a thread that's over a year old, but if anyone else comes across it, I had this same error and at least for [em]me[/me], the issue was that I had a custom Area model file, and in 5.5 to 5.6, they restructured how you override the core code, and so it broke.