500 Error on installation attempt on MediaTemple Grid Service


Firstly; hello. This is going to be my first c5 site - the demo was pretty pursuasive, and I'm now trying to get an installation going on a mediatemple grid service plan...

I've confirmed that PHP 5 is running, did the chmod for the /config and /files dirs to 777, confirmed no conflicts in .htaccess, and checked the log file for errors - nothing!

I'm kind of stumped. Any help at all is really appreciated.

I know a 500 is the most general symptom someone can give, but are there any people who got this before? The only reference to c5 on mt on this site seems to be a very positive experience.

Thank you,


UPDATE: Got it!

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zoinks replied on at Permalink Reply
what was the problem?
nando replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
It would be good if people post the solution when they find it, it will help others :-)