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Unexpected Error default.php Not Found and cannot enter my website!

Hello I have got into a spot of hot water! (Appreciate this is in forums but have not found anyone who could not access their website to fix code) Recently tried to upgrade Silence theme and the upgrade did not complete. Unable to access my website wha…

How to locate files and move them from Arvixe to GoDaddy

Hello, my trial ended and I want to take my files to my server I've already paid for. Where do I locate my files so I can move them? Then, what's the process of working back within my dashboard like I did with my trial?

installing on nginx returns 404 on select language

I have a stock Ubuntu VM on rackspace running nginx. I've downloaded and tried starting the installation process, but it immediately returns a 404 once I check the "select language" button. concrete5.6.3.1/index.php/install/-/select_language…

Concrete5.6.3.1 installation to external MySQL database server

I'm trying to install v. to an external MySQL database server. However, I can't get past the setup screen where it asks for the DB information. It says "Unable to connect to database". I've verified that I can connect to the external database se…

Concrete5 v5.6.3.1 issues on Rackspace cloud site

I faced issues after installing v5.6.3.1 on rackspace cloud site Issues - Edit toolbar not showing on pages. Only shows occasionally. - Respond time slow - Each time i try to access a particular function (i.e add a new page), it shows "access denied…

Trying to create an RSS feed but

I was instructed to add a new page and hide it with permissions. I know how to do the add permission part, but I don't knowhow to add a page using this system. Please help. I am new to thins.

Installing Add Ons

Hi, I'm Brand New to Concrete 5 and would like to know how do I install the add-ons I've downloaded from the marketplace?

Invalid Cookie message appears when trying to login

Hi, I'm currently looking into to fixing one of my companies older sites built with Concrete5 (way before me, I've never used C5 before.) Anyway, when the user tries to login they keep receiving this message: "Your browser's cookie functionality …

(Failing to) set up a test site Concrete 5.5.1

I'm trying to set up a test copy of a working Concrete 5 website, and can't seem to get it to display, although I have followed the 'moving a site' guide. The live site is, the test location which is causing th…

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