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Error 1067

Dear All, I am new to the PHP and concrete5 as well. While installing concrete5 with WAMP i am having the following error. Can somebody help me with this mysqli error: [1067: Invalid default value for 'entryDate'] in EXECUTE("CREATE TABLE btGuestBo…

Bootstrap table in Concrete5.7

Hey Concrete5 members, I want that the WYSIWYG editor adds two classes automatically to the table creator. How can I do this? :)

Project Page user is lost

The website is connected to a project page, but the person who did the connection and created the associated user on is no longer available. I have no idea what user name or email address was used. This means I cannot install any new add-ons…

1063 DB queries for two page loads? (Database Query Log)

I installed a new version of Concrete5.7.5.7 on a dedicated server and the site was quite slow. When I activated the Database Query Log, it noticed that it had logged 650 requests for one page update. The next time I updated the page it increased to 10… Installation Error

This is my first ever attempt at installing Concrete5, its was going smoothly, the server got all green ticks, I clicked install and after watching the progress bar for a bit, it came up with this error attached, any ideas anybody? Thank you in advance.

Install C5v8 almost from scratch

Hi I never made it to upgrade C5 to, so that I could use my new theme. Since it is a private site to learn Concrete5, I thought I might as well delete all and try to install the new version 8 manually (most bugs should only be upgrade bugs?). Se…

url redirection problem to But the redirection did not work properly

Call to a member function importThumbnail() on a non-object

After correcting a number of install issues (usually directory permissions), the installation is almost complete. It appears to begin installing the included theme, and then I get the following error: [code]{"error":{"message":"Call to a member functio… error

I received an error installing the latest version of Concrete5.7 [] I am able to install without issues. See attachment for error message, thanks.

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