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Theme urls

Theme images urls work while in development, but fail on production site. In the theme, the images are written url(image/core/bg/slidder.jpg); Which translates nicely in the browser to this: background-image: url("…

Broken Links

Hi, Having some troubles. First the server I was on was lost. So my host moved everything. Once that happened I could log it and not save any updates. Said a database was missing. Was told to do a database refresh. Which has been done. Now all my …

Need to Install Add On

Hi There I would like to install the ecommerce add on but i cant see any way to connect through the back end.. can i still use the ftp to make this happen Thanks Jason

Moving a Working Site to a new Host

Our company has been subject to several outages with Bluehost and have decided to move our C5 site to another host. Our IT guy made a complete cPanel backup of our environment and copied it to the new host. Files, folders, database and all. Just cop…

Transfer database?

Hello. I currently have a website ending with a slash. In the near future I want to transfer "Live" to ".com" What I've done before is download the ENTIRE directory, then delete EVERYTHING from the server, and then uploa…

reducing the number of sql tables

Hello....I am hosting 6 websites at justhost, all C5. 5 of them have 1 page....According to justhost I have too many sql tables....what tables can I delete? I find it interesting that so many tables are generated by C5. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks …

login on re upload

OK i installed c5 fine every thing was working fine. Then a accidentally re uploaded all the files now I cant login. Is there a way I can fix this or should I just start over

Re upload can't login

OK i installed everything fine then I made a mistake and re uploaded everything. Now I cant login. Invalid password. Is there a way to fix this or should I just start over

upgrade failed cannot access the site or cpanel

I tried to update from to and now I cannot access the site or get into cpanel. Now when trying to access the dashboard of the site it says checking for updates. I get the following message when going directly to the site: An unexpected…
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