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Sooo, my hoster is changing from MySQL to MariaDB soon. Is that good? I know that the two are compatible right now, but I worry a bit that MariaDB goes in one direction and MySQL in the other and I'll have a problem. Does concrete5 stick with MySQL…

Problem with the database after a upgrade

Hi, I'm new in concrete5! I tried to upgrade my installation to concrete5.7.5.2, and after I had made the upgrade, I got the message here below: An unexpected error occurred. An exception occurred while executing 'select count(cID) from Multi…

Upgraded from 5602 to 5633 -- Blank Dashboard Now

I did an automatic update yesterday and since then the Dashboard will no longer populate. I can see the Dashboard title bar just fine and the website works fine. The Dashboard window appears, but its just blank inside. Everything I have tried, and googled…

Upgrade: necessary between versions?

What between versions must be necessarily installed during the upgrade? Where can I find this information? to ? Best regards uli

Install Concrete5

Hi all, I get the following error message when trying to install C5: concrete5 installieren Version {"error":false}{"error":{"message":"Directive 'register_globals' is no longer available in PHP"},"errors":["Directive 'register_globals' …

Lost concrete5

Aloha--I've been using concrete5 for about five years. Today I see that everything I built is gone, and I'm unable to log in to concrete5 admin--it doesn't recognize my password or email. The site is and the host is Hostmonster. Thank you!

Assigned a theme to my website but it is not showing up in dashboard

Hi, I connected a new website to my concrete 5 community. I then assigned one of my "slate" themes and a feature content slider (dd-on) to the website but neither have appeared on my dashboard (under add functionality) to enable me to install them. …

Upgrade From Older Versions

Hello, We have two different versions of Concrete 5 that we want to upgrade from to the latest version. Are there step-by-step instructions that I could find somewhere? ANy help will be appreciated. Thanks, Akbar

Update website

Hi! We are running an older verison of Concrete5 and would like to update. BUT we've had bad experience before when simply pressing "update" and everything became messed up and chaotic. Is it as simple as that today (pressing a button) or will we risk …

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