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url redirection problem to But the redirection did not work properly

Call to a member function importThumbnail() on a non-object

After correcting a number of install issues (usually directory permissions), the installation is almost complete. It appears to begin installing the included theme, and then I get the following error: [code]{"error":{"message":"Call to a member functio… error

I received an error installing the latest version of Concrete5.7 [] I am able to install without issues. See attachment for error message, thanks.

SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory

Howdy folks! Just transfered my server from a localhost to a new host and the site is giving me this message. Now I did some digging around on the forums and found a few solutions that didn't work for me. So.....! My question is. How do I fix this? =)

Migration Export doesn't seem to work

Has anyone else had problems doing a Migration Export from v.56? It appears to just hang. It just dumps me on a page where all I see is Mt. St. Helens, which may be quite appropriate at that point - no message to suggest whether my export was successful.…

Finding Migration AddOn

I installed the 5.6 Legacy migration tool, but where exactly do I go to run it?

Moving site issues

Hi guys, So I followed the instructions in the Move a website Guide ( Exported and imported the DB successfully (although had to remove the following bit from my sql export file …

files/tmp growth

I noticed that my Concrete 5.6 site has a fairly significant amount of data in the files/tmp folder, much of it over 2 years old. For example, on .zip file contains most of the files I uploaded (presumably because I downloaded them in bulk one time so it…

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