An error occured:

I'm trying to install the new version 8.4.3 - BUT in the requirements the sytem tells me that the requirement for v-8.4.3 is PHP 5.5.9 ? ? ?
It can't be true - in the System Requirements, it says:
"We recommend PHP 7.2 or whatever is latest (PHP 5.5.9 is the minimum)"
Does that mean that the system want to tell that the minimum is 5.5.9 ? ? ?

The next issue / problem is: when I tried ones to install, and didn't succed - change the password to the right one - and try again, - the first installation attempt already HAS made all the tables in the database ? ? ? - and that s why I get an error telling me that the database is full of tables ? ? ?

I think that's enough for now (:

Best wishes
Ib Tromholt

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Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
Re the second problem, yes, you need to delete the tables from the database. You may be able to do this via CPanel.

If the installation fails part way through, increasing php's max_execution_time (IIRC) might help.
Tromholt replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for Your answer and help - I looked up for cPanel and could see
that the app is working on Apple Ios and android but not on Windows?!?
On webhotel I can delete the database but not all the tables (I
tried) so Thats what I do, - and make a new database - but is that possible
when I tried to install once, and then try again - you see, to me it looks
like the Concrete5 installation system create a lot of things during the
installation process and I don't know what it does, - does it remember the
name of the database, does it remember the old PHP version, - and so on -
I'm only user, not developer, so I'm depending on help when errors occure.
So far - Thank you.
Ib Tromholt

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Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you trying to install on your home computer or on a web host? If the latter, you should have CPanel available via your host. If the former, you may not!

Deleting the whole database is certainly an option. Of course, you'll then need to create it again.

If you restart the c5 installation, it will ask you for the database name, user name (and everything else) again. It won't remember anything (or, at least, it didn't used to).

Installing c5 can be a bit hairy so is best done by a developer. However, if you're persistent, you can probably get there. :)
Tromholt replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Peter McLennan / Gondwana
I want to tell a little about my self:
I'm a kind of developer, since I made a lot of websites directly in html5
and css3 and I use Adobe Dreamweaver 6 the last 10 years and the other
Adobe programs as well (Photoshop - Illustrator and InDesign) - so I know
that side of the developing.
I should have learned PHP - but never came to that - I read about MySql,
and tried it a little, so I know about it as well, but I can't use PHP and
MySql properly.
I have installed my own website on the webhotel, and after some
trouble remembering the right password, I succeeded and made my own website
in Concrete5 v-8.4.3, so I know that it is possible for me - actually I
made it to get some experience - but until now, it didn't help.
Yes, I'm persistent and keep on trying until I succeed.

As to your answer: Yes I'm trying to install on a webhotel ( and
they have some kind of cPanel I think - because I can get into the database
and the tables as well - but I can't delete all of the tables because of a
foreign key, so I have to delete the whole database.
I can delete the database from this panel as well, so it's no trouble in
that - only it takes at least half an hour to be sure that it is deleted,
and when I create the new database, I have to wait again - and thats hard ;)
If I had learned PHP, I could have seen in the PHP files what the Concrete5
is doing, but thats not the case, so I don't know what the installation
program is doing - therefore I asked you if the C5 installation do remember
anything - because I don't know whats happening after an installation
Do you know if the C5 V-8.4.3 accept PHP 7.2 ?
It only says that 5.5.9 is minimum - and thats a little weird, because they
don't support that version any more.
As to cPanel - I just looked it up again - yes it looks like the panel on
They write about some problems about the WHM (WebMaster Management) is that
a problem to have it - and is it on the free version ?
Can I use cPanel to install on the webhotel ?

That was a lot of questions - sorry, - but thats the way to learn new
things in this web-world

Thank you for your answer downunder - I'm from Denmark / Bornholm
And my website right now is - and its a test for my neighbour
Eva Brandt
Best wishes
Ib Tromholt

Den man. 26. nov. 2018 kl. 02.49 skrev concrete5 Community <
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Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
php5.5.9 is the Minimum that means you cannot possibly use concrete5 with any php version prior to that. It is technically not possible.

But of course, the use of php7 is advised, as php5.x is no longer supported. So if your host supports php7, you should go with it.

The concrete5 core should work with php7.2, but some Add-Ons and Themes do not. So maybe stick to php7.1 until all the Add-Ons you need are ready for it.
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
Deleting the whole database is perfectly valid. Dropping the tables can be a bit faster. CPanel should give you access to phpMyAdmin, which will let you select and drop all tables (although it may not display them all at once).

To get around the foreign key constraint, untick 'Enable foreign key checks '.

This won't solve the underlying problem though, which is why the installation is failing to complete. If you've got CPanel access, see if you can find a php setting for max_execution_time, and set it to, say, 999 (at least for installation).

As an alternative to installing c5 manually, CPanel may give you access to Softaculous or Installatron, which may be able to install c5 automatically.