Another password lost story

I loaded C 5.7 onto my hosting account. I Let MOJO's password stay because it referenced that it could be changed later. Everything loaded correctly and the site came up in edit mode.
Since I wasn't able to change the the password by using the lost password reset (never got a email) I am at a loss as to what to do. it seems that the reset password is broken for a lot of users and should be fixed.
I've read other posts about this with code config solutions but feel uncomfortable about trying this.
Long story short, If there's no easy fix should I delete and replace the installed 5.7 and
this time copy the generated password?
Thanks for listening - Gene

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hutman replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
If you have access to the Database you can use phpMyAdmin (or something like it) to access the Logs table and get the Password Reset link.

Otherwise, if you have access to the Dashboard you can go to Members and click on the username for the account you want to reset the password for and there should be a "change" button by the Password field where you can change the password.
nickntime replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks a bunch - The second option worked!