Backup and Restore --> FINAL QUESTION

Dear all,

I'm trying to change servers and thus my whole concrete5 site.
These are the steps I followed:

Old server & concrete5 installation:
1- Saved a backup of the whole site (through C5, not Cpanel)
2- Saved all packages (public_html/packages)
3- Saved theme files (pubic_html/themes)

New server & new concrete5 installation:
1- Upload the theme files (pubic_html/themes)
2- Upload all packages (pubic_html/packages) and installed them through the C5 dashboard
3- Upload the site backup on pubic_html/files/backups and then, through the dashboard I clicked RESTORE.

I cannot get it to work. I also tried to upload the new site.php file (on public_html/config) but it didn't work out either.

What I am doing wrong???
Both concrete5 installations are updated and have the same version (Currently Running and all packages installed (just two) are exactly the same.

Thank you in advance!

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johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello muunmonkey,

I don't see you mentioning anything about the databases, you will need it too.

If your new host has cPanel, this guide I did on moving your Concrete5 site should be useful:

I hope this helps,
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Have a look at the documentation that goes with my Backup Voodoo addon.

There is plenty of guidance on copying/cloning/restoring sites that is generally applicable (though of course I do like it when my addon is used).