Block Install Issues

Hey, we just upgraded our install of c5 to 5.2RC1; and am now trying to get some new blocks added.

My process:
1) Download block from Marketplace
2) Extract it
3) Copy to the "blocks" folder at the top level path
4) Go to Dashboard and go to "Add Functionality"

Then I am getting an error:

registerText) $this->registerText=t("Click here to register »"); } function view(){ $this->set('registerText', $this->registerText); $this->set('showRegisterLink', $this->showRegisterLink); $this->set('returnToSamePage', $this->returnToSamePage); } function save($data) { $args['registerText'] = isset($data['registerText']) ? trim($data['registerText']) : ''; $args['showRegisterLink'] = intval($data['showRegisterLink']); $args['returnToSamePage'] = intval($data['returnToSamePage']); parent::save($args); } } ?>

An unexpected error occurred.

LoginBlockController not found. Please check that the block controller file contains the correct class name.

What's going on?

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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there any way you can enable PHP short tags on your site? We try and make sure concrete5 works with them turned off but some of the marketplace blocks have them. Alternately you could go through the various blocks and change all <? to <?php and all <?= to <?php echo.

We will try and do this at some point, but it may be difficult to do for all blocks/themes/apps in the marketplace.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
The marketplace blocks should not be that way, it will take time to clean this up but that is very much on our radar in the big picture..

in the meantime, andy's solution does make sense.