Can not log in

i install concrete5 on my website but each time i try to log in i get that
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and i cant log in,
i try to rest the password , then i try to use the new password but the same problem happen.

i remove the DB and create new one , but the same problem happen.

also i try to re upload it . and remove the folder an make a fresh installation but it always end up with the same problem

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Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
Late answer, I know. You've just been overseen dude. Maybe this helps all others who read this.

That is mildly said very unusual!
If you don't know know howto setup concrete5 you can follow this guide:

Or ask a friend for help. If you don't know an IT-Geek, you can also host with
See here:

If you forgot the password look at the last two posts here: