Can't edit content. Get Whoops error


I installed Concrete5 a while back using composer per and everything worked fine. While I am able to make POST requests on the dashboard, I recently found I receive a "Service Unavailable" error when making a POST requeest when editing the front content. While the error pops up, the content is actually updated. The only clues I found was the httpd log which showed "(104)Connection reset by peer:" and jouralctl shows "mysqld[1301] [Warning] Aborted connection 68173 (Got an error reading communication packets)". Concrete5 log shows nothing.

I traced through the code and everything seemed good and Ajax::sendResult() was called to echo json and die, but then Whoops\Run::handleShutdown() was called and I see "You are using a fallback implementation of the intl extension. Installing the native one is highly recommended instead."

Any ideas how to fix this?


class Various   //Class names are listed 
    public function run()
        if (!$response) { 
            $response = $this->server->handleRequest($request);
        // Prepare and return the response
        return $response->prepare($request);
    public function handleRequest(SymfonyRequest $request)

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