Can’t login new site.

Just setup a new C5 site - it’s a test site so it doesn’t really matter but I cannot login with admin account.

This is out of the box and raw.

I’ve logged into MySQL dB and checked user accounts.

Account: admin, pswd: 01182020. I generated a new md5/hash using this password, updated the admin record.

Still no go.

The IP is not banned and this is on a local lan with no outside access.

Again, not a buggy but would like to know what happened and/or for future what/how to fix.


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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Take a look at the concrete/config/concrete.php file somewhere near line 1013, find
'invalidate_on_user_agent_mismatch' => true,
and change it to
'invalidate_on_user_agent_mismatch' => false,

See if that helps..
Hampelman replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
That doesn't work here.
On a fresh install, trying to login as admin gives an error message:
*User is not registered. Check your authenication controller*
Even after changing this line from true to false
Hampelman replied on at Permalink Reply
What did work for me was asking my hosting provider to update PHP and MySQL.