Concrete5 Installation Error 500 by try adding Blocktypes under Plesk

Good Evening all,

first. All Infos in short.
i try to install Concrete5 8.1.0 under IIS and MySQL under Plesk Onyx 17

Windows Server 2016
PHP 7.0.1
MySQL (updated.. but dont know the Version atm)
IIS.. Plesk Like.

By trying install C5 comes an error at the progress "Adding Blocktypes". The error is "500 Internal Server Error" - "Problem bei der gesuchten Ressource. Sie kann nicht angezeigt werden." (see picture)

I try to edit the concrete.php, i try change my database "size". other arts of transfer files (Ascii, binarie with ftp (filezilla)). I try to install with plesk applications. Changing Rights, PHP Settings and each other shit.

At this moment i dont have any idea now. Ill hope the community knows the solution.

(Sorry for my English. Languages not my strenght. ;-))


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Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
This is a major long-shot, but can you increase the maximum allowed php execution time?
PacWhite replied on at Permalink Reply
Already done. To 120, 150, 300. Nothing work.