Concrete5 v8.5.2 & CentOS 8


I am working on a test install of concrete5 v8.5.2 on CentOS 8.1. The OS installation is new with PHP and Apache installed. PHP verified to report v7.2.11. The error below is given when loading the installation page for the first and every subsequent time:
Version 8.5.2

Install concrete5
Testing Environment

Required Items
PHP 5.5.9

The attached image shows the source for the page, which indicates it detected php v7.2.11.

Any tips or guidance are greatly appreciated.

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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Why do you think it is an error?
php 5.5.9 is the Minimum required to install...
Have you actually attempted to install concrete5?
andarius replied on at Permalink Reply
I apologize, i should have been a bit more clear. The content given is shown, nothing else and no means to move forward with the installation. It simple stops with that content displayed. My understanding from the documentation is when loading the URL it should step in to the install by default,, I believe with the language selection. This is not presented.

I have php 7.2.11 installed.

The attachment is a screen shot of the source code from the page presented. It is incomplete. Almost as if the processing of the installation was ended unexpectedly

I downloaded the files a few times, using a few different machines. All with the same results.
ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Make sure your system meets these requirements..
andarius replied on at Permalink Reply
I have confirmed the following items are supported on the current OS install:

X MySQL (with PDO extensions)
X SimpleXML
X iconv
X GD Library with Freetype
X Fileinfo
X Mbstring

mcrypt appears to be depreciated in php 7.1.x.
reference ::

I am working on validating ZipArchive, though that is noted as a requirement for updates and community functionality.

Safe mode is deprecated :

Memory Limit = 128 MB

MariaDB = 10.3.17

innodb_version = 10.3.17