Config doctrine proxies missing files

Hi everyone,
I have just tried to install the new version 8.4.3 on my localhost Xampp installation running PHP 7.

When I am 2/3 of the way it comes up with a time out and then an error saying that there are some files missing in the folder: Config >> Doctrine >> Proxies.

When I open this folder it contains various files.
I did install the first time and it put about 80 files in that folder but still came with the same error.
Then I wiped everything and did it again, but this time it only produced 20 files in the same folder and still returned the same error.

Yesterday I ran a similar install and at that time it put 101 files in that Proxies folder and the website from yesterday works.

Does any one know this error and why it keeps putting lesser files than required in to this folder?

Please let me know.

//Carsten - Denmark

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