Iframe glitch fix


Can anybody help me to connect my website with the community to install the extension? I found it very hard.

I am trying to install extensions. On the right side, I click Extend Concrete5 -> Add Functionality.

I appear to be in Add Functionality page with "Currently Installed", "Awaiting Installation" and "Connect to Community".

I click Connect to community. This is how it looks likehttp://ibb.co/ScY4th8

I fill the username and password. Then it wants me to sign in back to the website. It is very hard because the iframe with a page is too small.http://ibb.co/2sTjp6q

When I manage to login to my website again, it wants me to log in to the community. And then back to the website. This looks very weird.

Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong? It is localhost.

Thank you for your help

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psd2concrete5 replied on at Permalink Reply
It's midnight here will check in the morning and I will help you to fix your issue with anydesk software..