Connecting my site to the community to get at themes

I've just installed c5 in my shared hosting webspace. I want to install one or two free themes from the marketplace, and am told that I must first connect the site to the community. When I click the button that's offered to me and enter my community login credentials, I get a bizarre little window with the following even more bizarre error message within it (as well as the button to allow me to try again):

You must specify a site name.
Invalid site URL.
Your site token must be 64 characters.
You must agree to the terms and conditions to continue.
Invalid email address provided.
A username must be between at least 3 characters long.
A password must be between 5 and 64 characters.

In case it matters, the shared hosting is with OVH.

What am I getting wrong? Is there another way to get my site established as a project in my community account?


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cmgill replied on at Permalink Reply
24 hours on, I had an idea.

What I was doing wrong was using Safari. With Firefox, the connecting process worked.

Incidentally, I have found no mention in the user docs of this process.