Copy files from one website to another

o.k., maybe this was a crazy idea, but.... I created one website. I downloaded all of the files i had stored on and uploaded then to use them as a basis for another website. I did this mainly because I have made some mods to header.php and other files. Now when I go to my new domain, it just redirects me to the orginal domain. Is there something I can do to rectify this, or do I need to just upload a clean C5 installation rather than using this method? Thanks,

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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
yeah don't copy all the files, just the theme and header/footer includes.

it sounds like you've probably copied config files too.
curtistimsah replied on at Permalink Reply
would this also copy the images and content too?

If not, is there a way to do this? I need a fast way to duplicate all content and images because I make mini sites and want to be able to move fast. I will go back in later and change up content a little afterwards.

12345j replied on at Permalink Reply