Domain Transfer

I'm trying to move a website from one URL to another.

I had a working legacy concrete (v5.6) site at until this morning.

I've been developing a replacement website with Concrete5 (latest version) at and have it at a place where it is ready to move to the domain. I did a backup and uploaded, via ftp, all the files relative to to the new domain.

Transfer worked and everything was okay except that all the licenses were still connected to the old domain so when I went to add functionality to connect to the Concrete5 community it would not let me connect.

So, I deleted the C5 installation and reinstalled it and have connected to the community again but need to know how I go about transferring the site, retaining the content the way I have it set up on the test site without it getting all messed up in the transfer.

I have backed up.

Do I release all the licenses from it and re-assigned them to then restore from the backup?

If that's a yes, what folders/content do I upload via ftp this time?

Website is down until I get this resolved. Any and all help is appreciated and please forgive a non-tech guy for using the wrongs terms in my explanation.

Thank you,

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tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
your site should continue to function even if the licenses aren't valid for the domain. You just won't get any updates, which can be resolved.
brandscapes replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you.

It did function but I re-installed Concrete and now will need to upload everything again.

If I do that, how do I go about resolving the licenses so I can get updates?
brandscapes replied on at Permalink Reply
All sorted. Thank you C5DK!