Error after migration

I have migrate my site from one server to another server.

i have used concrete 5.7.3 version.

After migrate when i try to login then it redirects back on login page and not logging on the site.

But at the time of login when i select remember login then its login.

After login when i create any new page and try to publish then it shows error message of insert Query.

Please suggest something for this.

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simpit replied on at Permalink Reply
I hope one of the following attempts helps you:
- Check your database settings in application/config/database.php. Are they pointing to the correct database on the new server?
- Check your files in application/config/genertated_overrides and /application/config/doctrine. Did you copy them from the old server? Deleting these files may resolve your issues (backup before)
- Check your URL settings and regenerate your .htaccess file
- Check if the database is fully migrated and no tables or data are missing.
- Disable or clear the Concrete5 cache