Error after updating from to 8.2.1

SOLVED! I've been trying to update my site. First I tried a manual update from to 8.3.2, since it's the latest version on the website. Seemed to go ok, and the home page loaded the top half, but the lower half had this message: "An unexpected error occurred.
Invalid Method on class Concrete\Core\Attribute\Category\PageCategory: getDefaultIndexedSearchTable."

So, I reset it all to, and then tried to upgrade to 8.2.1 instead, as this is the version that shows as available in my dashboard (although I did the upgrade manually). Same result, same error message. Any help would be appreciated.

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OddSpoon replied on at Permalink Reply
I tracked it down by doing a search for the text of the method that it was calling invalid (getDefaultIndexedSearch) in my files, assuming it was coming from an outdated package or block, and sure enough...a page list block I'd customized. I just had to update the controller file for it, and things are working fine now.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
How did you 'update the controller'?