Error installation "Supports concrete5 request URLs"

I am a beginner with concrete5. I just uploaded the files of the download package to the FTP.
But I cannot continue because the setup shows "Supports concrete5 request URLs".
In different forum I saw help like overwritig the php files or to create .htacces files.
Everything fine, but as a beginner I have no idea where to start an what to do?
Can someone recommend the steps like go to the folder ... and then search for the file...
And..of course I saw different ways to solve the problem, I tried one, but after this changement nothing worked anymonre. The installation setup online on my site just vanished. So i returned to the beginning. So here I am....
Any help?

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply

It seems your host might not be supporting path_info but it could be a number of things.

You could look at this post where someone provided a solution towards the bottom (in green) and try that:

If your host is GoDaddy the solution outlined might work.

Or you could contact your host directly to ask them to check and/or explain first. That would probably be the easiest.