Help! I've managed to lose my site by trying to move it...

Please somebody help me out here!
I've evidently done something stupid but can't figure out what.

I just tried moving a finished c5 site up from the /cms directory, where I was building it, to root. (I've done this successfully in the past on older versions of c5, but never with 5.5)

I disabled & cleared cache, and turned off Pretty URLs, and backed everything up, and then moved all the files up. Didn't work, I couldn't see the site at root at all.

So I gave up and thought I'd try again later... I moved all the files back to the /cms subdirectory.

But now when I go to login at /cms/index.php/login (I'm assuming just /cms wouldn't work any more without Pretty URLs?) I just get a 404 error. So I can't see my c5 site at all right now. And I really need it back!!

What should I do now? Is there another way in?

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prestressed replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Yup, just figured out what I had done that was particularly stupid, somewhere along the line I'd lost my index.php file...
so I have my site back...

now I have to try to move it again.
triplei replied on at Permalink Reply
the next time you move it, make sure you also update the proper setting in /config/site.php. There is a definition in there which sets the relative directory for where concrete5 is installed.

If you update that setting after moving the site, everything should work.
prestressed replied on at Permalink Reply
well, that would be true for previous versions, but not any more - there's no define 'BASE_URL' define 'DIR_REL' in the config/site.php in 5.5+

so actually (if you don't do anything idiotic like accidentally deleting your index.php, ha) it is easier to move a site.
Mine moved beautifully the second time round.
triplei replied on at Permalink Reply
I guess I should actually take a look at the file before calling on my memory next time :)

Thanks for clarifying