Help migrating subdomain to main (5.6 to 5.8)

I have created a new website on subdomain with Concrete 5.8. The main domain is on Concrete 5.6. I am confused on the process of migrating the subdomain to the main domain. The 5.6 domain is I was chatting with my cousin, who is pursuing a technology degree, though not in web design, pointed out that somehow I have created multiple FTP landing sites for 5.8. If you goto: two FTP links pop up. One is forbidden and one is the new website (conc8). So I'm not sure what I did. The new website seems to work as intended, but would like to get this issue resolved and with everything going on it's a bit much. So if you can offer specific instructions or know a company that can do this for me, please advise. Thanks!

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