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I'm new to c5 and am not sure how it's even supposed to look or work so need help. I tried to install within my new host, which was blank. It wouldn't let me, so Fatcow advised I need to have files to install. Copied my OLD site, which is not made with c5, just to have files. Couldn't find documentation for where to install, so installed in my root folder. It said it installed, gave me a link to an admin login, which just took me to the homepage of my current site...that's it. Can't find a "dashboard" or anything and have no idea how to even get started. Basically want rebuild our current site using c5 and can't even figure out how to get started or what I'm doing wrong...or any documention. Sorry if this sounds clueless, but at the moment, I am! Did it install wrong? Was I supposed to have specific files on my host to get going properly? Just have no idea with no help provided. Thank you!

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johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello eberenxm,

I work for Web Hosting Hub, but I think fatcow has a similar cPanel setup.

Here is a walk-through of a manual installation I did:

Then you can login to your Concrete5 site:
At the end of your website URL, add /index.php/login


Here is a walk-through guide om that as well.
I hope this helps,