Installed an Update

Hallo I need help. I installed an update to concrete 5. Now when I go on a page I get this error message-

An unexpected error occurred.
'_' is not a valid locale identifier

Please help

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Artushof,

Did you install concrete5 using Softaculous? If so, you may want to review the following discussion.
wallsinbavaria replied on at Permalink Reply
I did not install / update to Version 8.2.1 via softaculous. Nope, all I did was to use the update functionality within concrete5.
Now I've got the same error (as many users have) and there's no solution for it or downgrade possibility because before the update the site was working fine...
Pls provide a workaround or solution....
weyboat replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
For anyone else suffering from this issue, the way I overcame this for one concrete5 member was to edit the 'SiteLocales' table in the database and add ‘en’ in the msLanguage column and ‘GB’ in the msCountry column.
JPa replied on at Permalink Reply
you made my day. (or rather night)!!!!
Your hint is awesome!!!
Thank you very much!