Installing C5 is very hard....

Hello, In 2009, I developed two projects with C5; it was fantastic! Probably the best CMS around here. I have one more project to do and I would like to use C5 again.

(1) Saturday, installed C5 on my home computer (XP, XAMPP), without problem.
(2) Sunday, installed C5 on my office computer (XP, XAMPP): a nightmare! I got a 'blank screen' or a 'Fatal Error'. Read some comments (localhost vs Nothing solves the problem.
(3) Monday, installed C5 on a LAMP server and get the following message: 'Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 10 seconds exceeded in /home/vol11/ on line 721'.

Any idea how to solve this problem? Thank you and have a good day.

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synlag replied on at Permalink Reply
check your php.ini on your linux server.
maximum execution time is set there.
restart apache after increasing the execution time.
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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
also please not the that concrete5.4.1 installs faster and cleaner :)