Is there a way to find the version number from the installed files?

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I can't get into one of my sites, but since I'm migrating to new hosting my only interest is figuring out which version of C5 it was installed on so I can install that version at my new host.

Among all the files I can see through FTP, is there one that will reveal the version number? My DNS has already been updated to the new host and I can't seem to get the site.php updated so it will load from the old install.

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gewald replied on at Permalink Reply
Can't believe no one has an answer to this...
mkly replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Do you mean the Concrete5 version number?

That is in one of two places.


EDIT: oops updated after seeing @Vidall
But then if it's been updated you should check

For a line with the updated version or you can just check the

directory and that should show you the latest one as well.
VidalThemes replied on at Permalink Reply

EDIT: Sorry Mkly, wasnt being funny, think we both posted at same time, your reply wasnt there when I hit reply ;-)
gewald replied on at Permalink Reply
Found it by accident despite the typo, thought to look in the config directory first.

Is there a chance there is a marker in the MySQL database that shows what version it was running under? I have a site that is blank after migrating hosts and as near as I can tell there are records in the backup I made. Hope like hell I don't have to rebuild the site from scratch...
mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
In the Config table. SITE_APP_VERSION should be it.
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
maybe it's changed since this last post. for me APP_VERSION worked.
mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
lol, indeed. I just saw it refresh and said, "oops" forgot the config/ part.
Janks replied on at Permalink Reply
In version 5.7.4 the version data is included in the file concrete/config/concrete.php