Login Issues?

Hi All,

New Concrete5 user on my first site. I went out of town for a week and came back and tried to login to my site. Neat Theme with asian lantern on login page makes reading difficult. But the login is not working. The forgotten password box is not working and clicking on the login button does nothing?

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PhotoMax replied on at Permalink Reply
OK, tried again to login. No go and this is super frustrating.

In the upper left there is the CC5 logo, a box for user, a box for password, an option for "stay signed in for two weeks" and the Login button.

I can fill out my username but clicking in the password box does nothing. No text gets entered. I reloaded the login page and then could add my password only by hitting the tab key on my keyboard but clicking on the Login button does nothing. The forgotten password link on the right side also does not work.

Is this a login theme page of the day issue with graphics obscuring the data fields? Or is this a bug? Or something server (basic Bluehost) related? My initial rush of Concrete5 enthusiasm is washing away with this...

mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
This sound like a theme related issue but really without having a look at the site itself, it's hard to tell. Do you have a live address we can look at?
PhotoMax replied on at Permalink Reply
I think it might be theme related as well. Looks like there is shadow PNG files, etc, associated with the CSS on the top section of this login page? I think the presentation of theses pages rotates? I will check tomorrow. Not sure how I can access everything without a login? Maybe pick a different theme? But issues with basic functionality like logging into your manager system is deal killer. Hoping this works...
ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
As @mnakalay has already said "Do you have a live address we can look at?"
PhotoMax replied on at Permalink Reply

As expected it was the login page theme. Today the site presents a new login page theme and it works fine. I think yesterday's theme page had real coding issues? Maybe a graphic overlay which prevented any interaction with the entry boxes and options/links, etc. Nothing worked on the iPad as well.

I am not sure how often or how many login page themes there are here? I will send a note to the creator fo the Neat theme...

Thanks Guys!