Mailing List - Stuck Sleeping

My server only allows 350 E-mails per hour so I set the mailing list to send 300 per hour. I have 4,000 subscribers and it gets stuck at 300 sends. Any advice? It does not time out either so it just says "Sleeping"

I need it to send 300 mails every hour. Setting suggestions? This is the $55 paid up.


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Steff replied on at Permalink Reply

I do not know this add-on. But is there something in the dashboard -> reports -> log which belongs to the add-on?

Or do you have access to the webserver log?
sdamos replied on at Permalink Reply
Nothing in the logs that seems to reveal the problem.
SlapY replied on at Permalink Reply
Were any of those mails sent?
sdamos replied on at Permalink Reply
1240 of 4272 have been sent.

I change the settings and save, then revert them back and it finally fails and allows me to click resume. Then it sends 300 more and is SLeeping forever again. Been sleeping for 9 hours now and I cannot get it to error out this time by changing the settings back and forth.

Any ideas?

I need the settings to send 300 mails per hour. 350 per hour is the max for my hosting server.
SlapY replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you sure you did not accidentially exceeded the limits of your hoster and they maybe block something?

Is it a linux server? How does the mailing operate?

Does it use postfix? Have you tried to check the log of postfix (or mail) on the server?
sdamos replied on at Permalink Reply
No, I am sure. 300 is what I had it set too and one hour would pass and I would make it fail and resume. There has never been more than 350 sent in a single hour. I just got it to fail again and I have sent 1580 of 4272 now. Windows based server, not sure on the logs, a bit beyond me.

I suspect the problem is with my mailing list settings. I need someone experienced with this Add-in to help me.
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
hey Shannon, each marketplace package has it's own support forum where you can post to if you need help. For the mailing list package, the support forum is here:

To me it sounds like you'll need to change some of your throttling settings and to get your cronjob running. We can discuss it on the support forum after you create a new ticket there.
sdamos replied on at Permalink Reply
Tony, I created a ticket there as requested.

Please advise.