manual installation - installer page not loading


I am trying to manually install concrete5 on a website but can't even seem to get past the first hurdle. No matter what I try I cannot get the installer page to load, the website times out and comes up with the error message "load cannot follow more than 20 redirections"
I have tried unzipping the download before and after uploading. I have tried using a beta version of concrete5. I have tried uploading to a separate folder within the website and going to that address and each time it is the same result.

My previous experience with concrete has been through using an installer with dreamhost that does this initial bit for you but unfortunately that is no longer available so I am pretty clueless. I have followed the instructions on this and dream host's website and can't see where I am going wrong and don't know enough to have a clue what to try next.

Is anyone able to give any suggestions or advice?

edit: I'm using filezilla
Nothing shows up on phpmyadmin

Many thanks

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kerwallwork replied on at Permalink Reply
Well I am none the wiser but it suddenly started working and install is complete finally!