Moved a copy of site and database: How to stop test site from routing to real site

I am trying to build a test system to make sure our future upgrade to C5 8.5 will go smoothly.

I have the site downloaded and the database imported.

When I go to that local site every page reroutes to our real site. I went through the steps in this post:
(except for clearing the site cache [I can't get into the local version of anything by browesr through the dashboard])and my local version still routes to the real site.

I've also check my .htaccess and I don't have anything hard-coded to go to my real site (although I do have rewrite codes that lead people to www and /index.php

Are there other places I can look to find code that would redirect users?


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tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
canonical urls, perhaps?
bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
That could very well be it. We are using them.

I’ll lookinto modifying canonical settings outside the dashboard. This weekend and report back.

Thanks for suggestion