My sites does not see the new version 5.5.2.

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As I know version 5.5.2 is now released I have tried to update a lot of my sites from 5.5.1.

But when I try it says:
You are currently up to date!
Current Version 5.5.1

But that is not the latest version - how can it be the CMS does not see the new version...

It is not just one site - all I tested have the same problem

Any suggestion ?

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VidalThemes replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, I dont think the new version has been pushed through all the update channels yet, you will be able to auto update, just need to give it a bit more time.
ticapix replied on at Permalink Reply
Same behavior here: the update tool can't see the new 5.5.2 version.
baryongroup replied on at Permalink Reply
I just ended up unzipping the 5.5.2 release into the /updates folder, and went ahead with the install (5.5.1 > 5.5.2). Had a few little quarks in my custom singlepage editor code and the new image editor min/max dimensions (see but all in all, I haven't ran across a whole lot of issues.