Need help

Not sure where to pose this (am new to all of this)

While attempting to reset login password on a project, I inadvertantly deactivated myself as a user. Now, I can not log back in. What do I do?

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levitte replied on at Permalink Reply
I suppose you still have an "admin" user? That's the all powerful user to use for these situations.

Or do you mean to say that you somehow inactivated the admin user?
RadagastTheBrown replied on at Permalink Reply
I logged in with the auto-generated credentials provided by the Bitnami-Concrete5 instance in the Google Cloud Platform (displayed in Deployment Management). While logged in as "user", I attempted to change passwords (as recommended) under Global Password Reset. Now I am getting a "IP Address is Banned" error. I am now unable to log back in as "user." I hope this is enough detail to make sense