newbie: cant edit main page on default install?

Hi folks,

I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious here:

I've been playing with concrete 5 and it has been going ok and I've made some a fair bit of content in sub pages and I'm ready to publish but I cant seem to alter the main page of the site.

I thought maybe it was because of some of the styling and template changes I'd made so to help troubleshoot, I setup a clean VMware machine, and did a clean install of concrete5 selecting the basic at-install empty theme to test there. I can make page fine, and subpages and add content. But on the main page, the "Empty Main Area" and "Empty Page Footer Area" are green in edit mode as expected but I cant drop any blocks in to them (just get the denied mouse cursor). I dont seem to be able to edit those blocks.

I watched one of the concrete5 training videos and the presenter just goes and edits it and drags and drops so I don't see the thing I'm missing. Just as a sanity check I tried two browsers (Chrome and Opera).

So I must be missing something really obvious?

[edit: typos]

* am the only user
* clean install, no custom template
* no custom JavaScript or CSS

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tallacman replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply 1 Attachment
in edit mode, hover over an empty area and click. you'll get a dropdown via javascript and the top item is Add Block. click on that and the side panel on the left will slide open. just click on what you want and it will appear for edit in the empty area.

Alternately you can click on the plus icon 4th area over on the top toolbar that will slide the left open. drag and drop from there. You need to have javascript enabled.
mutantsausagedog replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah so in my screenshot on that first post I've selected the field and the blocks menu is open on the left but the mouse gets a "denied" style cross over it and (I thought at the time that...) it only happened on the main page. JavaScript is enabled and adding blocks on other pages is fine (in hindsight maybe my memory is faulty, I confess I nuked the original content I had in concrete5 from last week as I was just trying different CMSs).

OK totally clean install and lets try again... install finishes. Edit your site welcome appears:

Click "Edit page" button, click "empty main area" once, click on menu style drop down, select "add block", go to blocks, get a denied mouse effect - cant drag content block to area.

Oh... if I click on the "add content" "+" the exact same process works.... green area goes bold and no problems dragging and dropping the block. I was doing a lot of coding/writing last week, and I cant really explain how I missed that.

Right now I dont really understand the difference between the two methods or why one would fail but one would work but I'm sure it will make sense to me over time.

Thanks for helping and apologies I doubted.

(edit: fix missing word)
mutantsausagedog replied on at Permalink Reply
Doh. Yes you are totally right of course. Doing the way I thought was broken, if I dont attempt to drag and drop and just click the block I want once instead of attempting to drag it then the site seamlessly does the right thing.

Nothing is broken, I just cant work a mouse. Everyday is a school day.