Newbie question ... can't change a theme...???

Help ... I have been following instructions on how to change to a different theme, but the steps that I'm following, I'm not seeing on screen. I am a total newbie, FYI...

"Under Pages & Themes, select Themes. You will now see the theme listed under Themes Available to Install, click the blue Install button next to the theme."

I have done this - extracted the theme files into my themes folder. However, I see no option in my dashboard to install a theme. Please see screen print. What am I overlooking???

Thank you.

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cristi78 replied on at Permalink Reply
Use Extend Concrete5 section in Settings to install the theme and then go to Pages & Themes to activate the theme you installed. Hope this will help.
cristi78 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Forgot to mention that you must put the theme folder in packages/ if you didn't already.
ssailer replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you! The packages folder did the trick! :)