Package installation issue.

I have created a package that is "newMap". In this package i have created 2 single page and 1 block. I am facing one issue that is when i install my package my outer db.xml file will run and create database table in db but my block db.xml file is not create table in db. I have checked all other packages for check my flow if i am anywhere wrong but all are same as like other package. My db tables is

newMapCat  (single page table)
newMapSubCat (single page table)
btNewMapCat (block table)

This 2 tables is created during installation

This table is not created

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you do this in your "install" function of the controller.php file?

$pkg = parent::install();
\Concrete\Core\Block\BlockType\BlockType::installBlockType('your_block_handle', $pkg);
priteshmahajan replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you very much for reply and your time. I have resolved this issue by my self.

I forget to write below code on my block controller file.

protected $btTable = 'btNewMapCat'; 
    protected $btInterfaceWidth = "450";
    protected $btInterfaceHeight = "250";
    protected $btWrapperClass = 'ccm-ui';
    protected $btDefaultSet = 'multimedia';