PATH_INFO and ORIGINAL_PATH once again ;-)

Hi everyone

I work with a provider who has his servers on Linux. Everything so far worked fine, now I'd like to use this great peace of Software "concrete". As others, before installation I get the warning that the pathes could not be resolved. After reading the other posts, I did put on the info.php/test and it returns nicely the info page. Wordpress works fine on that server, so the path mapping does not seem to be a problem. Because of security reasons, my provider uses either mod_php or php as wrapted CGI-version.

Can anybody help me? You find my info.php page here:

Thanks for your help and support as I would really love to use concrete and not have to switch provider.


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Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't think that server generates a correct path_info value!

Please note that wordpress doesn't rely on path_info but it can.. I know I mentioned wordpress myself but it's comparable if you're using its path_info functions...

path_info should only contain "/test" in your case and not the actual php file!
Aurigo replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your message. Is there any way around? Or could you give me clear indications what might be wrong on this server? The host requests me to specify clearly what is wrong.... :-(

Thanks for your help!
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
there's not much else to say than how path_info should look like


This is also what a standard apache configuration does...

Without having a look at the server configuration it's hard to tell what's wrong!