Permission Issues

I have recently updated a website to v8.4.4 (from v.5.7) with a number of user logins. However, some of the logins get an error when trying to load the file manager, 'Entity of type Concrete\Core\Entity\User\User for IDs uID(3) was not found', they cannot see or upload any files. Checking the Users table in the database and there is no user with the ID of 3, I assume this is what the error is referring to. I created a new test login and loaded the File Manager but it only shows one page of files rather than all 123 pages of them. It seems only the original admin account, the account that cre ated the website can view/access all the files. I have deleted the search index and reindexed everything but the problem still persists. All the user accounts apart from the original admin account are within the same permission group too. The original account is not in any user groups, I assume it is a legacy super admin. I also get 'alloweditname on null' errors when attempting to save attributes to pages also with certain logins, basically anyone who is not the original account.

Any other ideas that I could try please? It seems permission related but I cannot figure it out.


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w2f replied on at Permalink Reply
I am having the same issue where the user has permissions but the site does not save anything they upload, including their profile picture- (only the admin uploads work). I have not received any message yet about a solution- I'll monitor your posts as well to see if someone might respond here.