php5 missing?

I uploaded the unzipped files to my website but I get an error saying "concrete5 requires PHP5",but that's exactly what's on the server: php5 and mysql 5.
I have powerweb from

I found concrete5 on opensourcecms and I must say: I hope I can get it up and running because it looks by far the most workable CMS. I loved the demo

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TheCat replied on at Permalink Reply
There was the answer, in the provider's info part: I manually have to create and upload a .thaccess file saying that .php files are php5 files to enable php5 instead of php4.

But next problem: when I try to install from the install page it gives an error:
Error: Invalid Jobs Directory /home/strato/www/ka/

I haven't changed folder location so what's going on?