POST requests, Segfault errors and ORIG_PATH_INFO

Whenever I would make a post request, I seem to get a segfault error. The content would save but get the "server is unavailable" popup which got annoying. I am running PHP 7.3.17, 10.3.22-MariaDB, and Apache 2.4.6 on Centos7.

kernel: php-fpm[27458]: segfault at 40000000f ip 000055d5f498c1c2 sp 00007ffcb7eadac0 error 4 in php-fpm[55d5f4676000+460000]

I then created a new C5 8.5.2 install using composer and get the same error.

I then created a new install by using the zip and the Install concrete5 Testing Environment page doesn't let me by because Supports concrete5 request URLs says:
concrete5 cannot parse the PATH_INFO or ORIG_PATH_INFO information provided by your server.

Not sure if this is true because the request C5 is making to test it is causing the segfaults. I checked whether $_SERVER has values for PATH_INFO and ORIG_PATH_INFO, and it does for PATH_INFO but not ORIG_PATH_INFO.

Please provide any help, suggestions, comments. Thank you

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NotionCommotion replied on at Permalink Reply
Made a back trace from a core dump and turned out my IDE was at fault.