Potential hosts? Hostgator? TMDHosting?

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Any thoughts on using Hostgator or TMDHosting as hosts?

My current host appears to be taking their security issues and uptime guarantees MUCH less seriously in the past quarter than ever before, so I'm looking for a new home for half a dozen domains.

And buying pizza for my clients might keep them from lighting me on fire, too. 8)

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CC3381 replied on at Permalink Reply
If you are comfortable with installing your C5 installation manually Hostgator is ok. Otherwise there one-click install will not create any of the override folders. Making it impossible to install add-ons or update C5. You will need to add the override directories yourself.

EdwardMartinIII replied on at Permalink Reply
But I can just add the directories manually, right? Or is it simpler to install C5 manually?

So far, I've only used one-click installs. I presume there's a manual-install tutorial somewhere...?
CC3381 replied on at Permalink Reply
You can add the directories manually. That is not a problem. Hostgator is also not very fast.Not slow but not fast either. Installing C5 manually is real easy.

EdwardMartinIII replied on at Permalink Reply
What about TMDHosting. Are they faster with C5 sites, that you know of?
AFSDMS replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you ever find the manual install (step-by-step) for "finishing" a Quick Install on HostGator? That's something that seems to be very much in my future, as in right now :-)
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
Heart Internet seem to be doing a pretty good job with C5. Site load speeds are good enough; One-click installs and updates seem to work fine 95% of the time.
whimsmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
We've been using Hostgator to host small CMS sites for many years now and are very satisfied. We have some 10+ different hosting accounts with HG, both reseller and shared, and probably host somewhere close to 300 sites with them. Whatever problems we did have they tried their best to solve and generally kept their downtime much lower than any of the other companies we're working with.

Since starting to use concrete5 we've installed a few sites on their servers and generally found them to be working well. We haven't done a lot of optimizing for their systems though and so far they do not strike us as being exceptionally fast.

If you sign up with them and use our company name, WHIMSMEDIA, as a coupon you should get 25% off on your first payment to them.

We have no experience with TMDHosting.

Recently we've started to use the relatively new 4GH (4th Generation Hosting) from GoDaddy.com especially due to their cloud hosting setup in a European datacenter (in the Netherlands). GoDaddy has some limitations: databases can not exceed 1GB and you can't cram in as many websites for the same amount of money as HG.

However, without any optimization, the system is MUCH faster than any equivalent shared hosting service we've ever used. We've got about 10 concrete5 websites in development on their servers and I think any new ones we'll be doing in the next few months are going to GoDaddy as well.

I'd get the Deluxe 4GH package and give it a go.
zoinks replied on at Permalink Reply
So, you are actually saying that your Godaddy sites are MUCH faster than Hostgator and that Hostgator isn't exceptionally fast? Based on that, I don't see why anyone would want to sign up for either since GoDaddy notoriously sucks.

I found this thread comparing Dreamhost and Bluehost, since they are both featured on this C5 site as recommended cheap hosts. I did a Google comparison and found a thread on warrior forums where everyone said Hostgator was the better than either by far and faster than both. Then, I found this thread. I am confused.

I have been putting client sites on Pair, but they are semi-expensive and more than I want to pay for my own shenannigans at this point. However, C5 sites on Pair have not been all that fast and there is quite a bit of downtime (short-lived, but randomly in mid-day and more frequent than I'd like for sure). So, I don't know what to do. If Pair kinda sucks in a way, everyone else must really suck, I'm guessing, unless you spend $40/month or something.
whimsmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
We really don't know Pair so I cannot offer any kind of comparison.

People complaining about GoDaddy might not have tried the 4GH packages yet. We have no complaints. There was very little to no downtime at all in the past 2 months since we started using them. I'd say that from the point of view of reliability they are as good as HostGator.

The fact that they are faster might also have to do with the fact that their datacenter is closer to us than HG's.

We're also keeping fewer websites on each account we have with GoDaddy compared to what we do on HostGator which also tends to make servers run smoother.

I'd recommend both as a budget hosting option, especially on the grounds of reliability. And yes, you'd be looking at much more than 40 / month to get really fast hosting.
bryanlewis replied on at Permalink Reply
We have a dedicated server with HostGator and I love it! Very fast sites. Great support. I do have a few sites on their shared servers as well and they go quite slow. Hope that helps.
Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
If you're an individual and freelancing, I'd recommend you to host some of your clients on the same server machine. When you still need help and guidance setting up your Concrete5 install yourself this isn't an option though.

If money is an issue, try XEN VPS hosting athttp://www.linode.com/
it's cheap and pretty fast and you've full control.

I don't recommend using GoDaddy, Bluehost or Hostgator. Google them to find out why.

Did you know that you can also host Concrete5 athttp://www.concrete5.org/services/hosting/... ? They've good performance. I don't know how fast their service is, but you can check the forums to find out reviews or reports.

I think you might just need a small shared hosting package, but keep in mind that hosting 300 clients in a cloud hosted/dedicated server is much cheaper than buying each client a shared hosting package.

When you need professional hosting just usehttp://rackspace.com
their service is very friendly, you can get highly professional and secure customized hosting here:http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/cloud_hosting_products/servers/prici... I've to mention that this is Cloud Hosting, so that isn't as cheap as Hostgator etc. but it can handle ANY requirement or load and you can scale at any time.

Maybe you know a better or neutral comparison page, but this is what I've found that could help you finding a hosting partner.

I wish you a great start into your work with Concrete5!