Problem with PHP7.2 and Concrete5 version

We got message from our provider that website will not be seen anymore because he is not PHP 7.2 compatible. Our site runs under Concrete5 version On forum i found that we got to upgrade to to avoid that problem. First time i try to upgrade i received a error, but second time it was ok and the site runs under After changing the PHP version at our provider to PHP 7.2 we got only a blank page with a error: > Fatal error: Cannot unset $this in/customers/7/d/8/ on line 178.
Site is now back running under old PHP, but provider will stop with this at the end of the year.
Can sombody help me ??

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Geuze replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, i will try this, but first i gone search some specialst to join me when i'm doing this, i don't wanna loose my website.